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The Next Audio Experience
Discover Audison Hi-Res audio
Enter a new era of DSP performance
New Audison Prima Active Sub Box

New Audison Prima Active Sub Box

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Audison Vegas Show 2018
Vegas Show 2018

You are cordially invited to visit us at Suit 573 at the Westgate Hotel and Casino, 3000 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas , NV 89109

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Audison Full DA HD
The next audio experience

The emotions of a live performance in your car with Audison FULL DA HD. Enjoy the Next Audio Experience.

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With its Hi-Res Audio technology Audison opens the door to a new era of mobile audio reproduction. Full DA HD provides pure digital signal transfer from the source through the processor into the amplifiers, all in Hi-Res digital format.
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Focus on technology

Audison has always had innovation in its DNA: through breakthrough technologies we strive to offer the best car audio experience in the world

Bit One HD FIR filters technology
The Audison Team

A quality of sound signal processing which is deeply different from any other DSP, up to a level never reached before. Through this type of sound processing, much more demanding in terms of calculation resources, a leading-edge in-car listening experience is achieved.

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eID Technology
The Audison Team

Thanks to the eID technology, the user can check the product technical, manufacturing and logistic information by simply scanning the eID code and proceeding with the product registration, to enjoy one additional year of warranty coverage.

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Sound Pack Configurator

This car audio system configurator will help you find the right Audison Prima
components that fits your vehicle to configure the best sound system for your
specific car model. Select automobile’s brand / model / year to check all the
configurations for your ideal OEM audio system upgrade.

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Products with bit Drive technology can be
registered on the bit Drive Portal. By registering
your product you become part of a community
where you can download "bit Drive preset",
software and firmware updates, access
information and support for all products with bit
Drive technology and take advantage of
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