bit One HD

Audison bit One HD, equipped with latest generation 450 MHz / 32 bit floating point DSP microprocessor, processes sound with 24 bit resolution at 96 kHz sampling frequency, achieving studio master quality in your car. The management software user interface makes the system configuration and calibration processes as user-friendly as possible, according to specific criteria required by the Car Audio industry. Twelve input channels for four different signal typologies (amplified, pre-amplified and TOSLINK optical digital) and six different sources managed through DRC MP remote control (provided), making the bit One HD a unique interface suitable for any need. Thirteen analog and/or digital output channels ensure vast expandability for any audio system configuration.

Connect, customize, control

DRC MP - Digital Remote Control Multimedia Play INCLUDED

The new Audison DRC MP (Digital Remote Control Multimedia Play) is compatible with all the Audison electronics featuring AC Link bus. Its slim profile along with the holder supplied with it eases the installation in the best position inside the car. Thanks to the new Joystick, “Rubber Touch” finished for best control of the movements along the four direction axes, the 'DRC Settings' menu can be adjusted and navigation is also possible through the 'Navy Command' function if the system features an Audison bit Play HD with video output connected to a monitor.

OP 1.5 • TOSLINK Optical Cable 
Optical cable ending with TOSLINK connectors for S/PDIF digital audio signals. Cable length: 1,5 m / 59,05”.
OP 4.5 • TOSLINK Optical Cable  
Optical cable ending with TOSLINK connectors for S/PDIF digital audio signals. Cable length: 4,5 m/177,16”
STR • TOSLINK Optical Cable

Male-Female Toslink adapter with rotatable head. The 90° angle 
allows to save space.
STA • F/F Socket TOSLINK adapter 
Optical adapter to extend optical cables featuring TOSLINK connectors.
DRC Cable Extension kit for installations on especially long vehicles. Total length of the supplied cable with the extension is equal to 6,5 m / 225,90".