You know that feeling when you listen to something extraordinary?

It’s the Audison sound and it comes from extensive research and a long series of groundbreaking
technological innovations which have set new sound reproduction standards in the mobile environment.
In today’s car audio market, innovation matters: it marks the difference between good products and those
that are market defining.


Audison Full DA HD opens the door to a new era of mobile audio
reproduction. This breakthrough Hi-Res Audio technology provides pure digital
signal transfer from the source, through the processor into the amplifiers.
Thanks to Audison, it is now possible to enjoy an audio system free from
the limitations and signal alterations of a traditional analog system.

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Audison is proud to introduce the bit Drive technology incorporated in all
of its products featuring sound digital processing functions (DSP); with
these products today, thanks to the bit Tune, you can implement the audio
system you have always dreamt of and create “Your Sound”.

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A quality of sound signal processing which is deeply different from any other DSP,
up to a level never reached before. Through this type of sound processing,
much more demanding in terms of calculation resources, a leading-edge in-car
listening experience is achieved.

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The exclusive eID (Elettromedia Identification) technology - which has been applied for the first time
to the Thesis speakers line and will be extended to all Audison products – provides product traceability
starting from the manufacturing stage.

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