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BMW - MINI OEM replacement

This Plug&Play harness provides the ability to replace the OEM BMW amplifier with an Audison AP bit on BMW vehicles equipped with the optional “Hi-Fi” sound system.
The OEM seven-channel analog amplifier is connected via a forty-two pin multipolar connector.

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Made for BMW and Mini

This cable doesn’t retrieve the OEM source front and rear stereo audio signal, to do that it can be used together with Audison Extension IN/OUT cable.

Plug & Play

This Plug & Play harness provides the ability to bi-amplify the front speakers of BMW and MINI vehicles that are not provided with an OEM amplifier

OEM amp outputs routing

Route the AP bit amp outputs to each of the OEM amplifier seven channels : Mid-Hi FL; Mid-Hi FR; WF FL; WF FR; RL; RR; Centre

OEM power supply

Recover the power supply of the OEM amplifier to be used with the AP bit (+ BATT and GND)

OEM remote recover

Recover the remote signal from the factory source