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Important notice: The components contained in this configuration are compatible only with cars that have the OEM placement for the front tweeters as standard. Otherwise, the OEM placement for tweeters must be purchased from an authorized BMW® dealer in order to install the Audison Prima BMW tweeters of the K4E and K4M 2-way kits.
Large basket 2way front + SUB4ohm underseat + AP8.9 bit + cables
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Overall = Time-alignments have been set-up to guarantee the best listening perception for everybody in the vehicle. Driver LHD = Time-alignments have been set-up to ensure the best listening perception for the driver (only for left hand drive vehicles). | A = DSP memory “A” | B = DSP memory “B” | A-B = memory “A” and memory “B” contain the same preset file
Overall = Time-alignments have been set-up to guarantee the best listening perception for everybody in the vehicle. Driver RHD = Time-alignments have been set-up to ensure the best listening perception for the driver (only for right hand drive vehicles). | A = DSP memory “A” | B = DSP memory “B” | A-B = memory “A” and memory “B” contain the same preset file
AP8.9 bit
Quantity: 1
Position: Trunk
Description: The AP8.9 bit amplifier was designed by Audison R&D Department to achieve maximum sound quality in OEM Integration applications. The powerful management software proves the ability to acquire the bit Drive presets which the Audison team fine-tuned specifically for your car. Thanks to the innovative power supply stage, a power of 520 W total can be achieved in an extremely compact case. The non-amplifiable ninth channel can be used to drive a subwoofer via the mono AP1 D amplifier.
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Quantity: 1
Position: Dashboard
Description: T-Harness “DCC” is the Plug&Play solution for BMW to integrate Audison Prima with the factory car audio system. The battery positive is taken from the head unit without the need of reaching the engine compartment thanks to the DCC* solution. *The DCC solution, (Direct Cockpit Current) can be used combined with the AP bit amplifiers’ feature which controls the amplifier absorption peaks, protecting the car power supply system.
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AP 560P&P I/O
ISO EXTENTION IN/OUT 560 cm / 220 in
Quantity: 1
Position: Cabin
Description: Prima Extension cable with Plug&Play connections allows total freedom in positioning the AP bit amplifiers. Two extension typologies are available: input only, to only send the audio signal coming from the head unit to the AP bit amplifiers, or input/output, transmit also the AP bit amplifiers’ output signal to the factory audio system. To do so, the AP Extension Cables IN/OUT needs to be installed together with the AP Speakers Output Cables (see following paragraph). By use of the input/output extension, the installer is free to choose which configuration to adopt. Actually, thanks to the AP Extension cables, each single channel of the AP bit amplifier is sent to any of the speakers in the car, so the installer is free to carry out the desired configuration. For example: standard front (2ch TW+WF), multi-amplified front (2ch TW + 2ch WF), multi-amplified front with 4 bridged channels (130W @ 4ohm) for the woofers (2ch TW + 4ch bridge WF) and all the other possible combinations.
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Quantity: 1
Position: Trunk
Description: AP SPK OUT 8.9 cable are dedicated to the connection of the AP8.9 bit amplifier with the input/output Extension cable. The Plug&Play connectors with circle terminals are numbered (“CH1 +”, CH1 -“, etc…) for a foolproof connection. There is no need to solder any cable.
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BMW - MINI OEM replacement
Quantity: 1
Position: Cabin
Description: This Plug & Play harness provides the ability to bi-amplify the front speakers of BMW and MINI vehicles that are not provided with an OEM amplifier. The APBMW BIAMP 1 is installed under the vehicle seat and is connected to the subwoofers. The “T” connection type allows the user to separately route the signal to the front mid-woofer housed in the car door and to the sub underneath the seat, without the need to cut the OEM cables. The cable is 450 cm long to reach the vehicle boot, where the Audison Prima AP bit amplifier is installed. The package contains a pair of cables, one for the left channel and one for the right channel.  
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2-way system for BMW-MINI
Quantity: 1
Position: Front door
Description: The two-way APBMW K4E kit creates a three-dimensional sound stage and give the musical message the essential timbre accuracy The 100 mm (4") midrange is provided with a water-repellent pressed-paper cone, a material providing natural sound. It features a low resonance frequency that allows hi-pass cut-off in the 150-200 Hz range for an excellent mid-low reproduction The 25 mm coil and Tetolon dome tweeter features a great extension on both medium and high frequencies and is optimized for off-axis output, for an extended sound stage in the three dimensions, that amplifies the perception of reality in the car cabin. 
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Subwoofer for BMW-MINI
Quantity: 2
Position: Front underseat
Description: Subwoofers have been designed with electro-acoustic parameters that maximize performance for the factory box available below the seats. The ABS plastic basket, reinforced with fiberglass, and the acoustic structure featuring a front magnet, provide for a minimal installation depth for a perfect compatibility with the whole range. Two 5 mm polyurethane gaskets, supplied, allow the subwoofer to fit perfectly to the box, decoupling it from vibration The 200 mm (8″) APBMW S subwoofers allow a “direct replacement” of the OEM speakers underneath the front seats, making the most of the factory acoustic load and generating deep and crisp low frequencies. You can choose between S8-2 with 2 ohm impedance and S8-4 with 4 ohm impedance for improved system composition versatility. In fact, in the mid-high passive filtered system configuration, with the crossover provided, 4 of the 8-channels of the AP 8.9 bit can be configured in bridge mode delivering 130W rms to each S8-4 installed under the seat. The S8-2 can be used in a fully active, multi-amplified front system, maximizing the power of the AP 8.9 bit at 2 ohms, and employing additional 2 channels for the rear system. The Neodymium magnet used on S8-4 and S8-2 allows for greater power and control than ferrite, while maintaining the depth of installation unaltered. 
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